Video Gallery

Final Tour Update #4 (2008)

Witness the impact, the magnitude, and the summary of our 4-month tour.  See the acrobatic finale of the Dream Journey.

Tour Update #3 (2008)

Lots of fire, foreigners, and feedback.  Come along on the dream journey and see what our show has to offer.

Tour Update #2 (2008)

Now to decorate our chariot, the largest van a motley bunch of circus freaks has ever commandeered.  Get to know our crew and learn the secrets of juggling ball construction.

Tour Update #1 (2008)

Those boys are at it again.  This time they’ve suckered an entire team into a year-round effort.  Let’s meet the players.

Diabetes Day Interview

Diabetes Health TV catches up with Noah, at the World Diabetes Day Celebration in New York.

Final Tour Update #4 (2007)

If you watch one video from the 2007 tour, this should be it.  The ridiculous break-neck schedule is one we swore we’d never do again… until the next year rolled around.

Tour Update #3 (2007)

This is what happens when the stress is on.  See if you can tell which Moore brother is closer to completely losing it!

Tour Update #2 (2007)

Some insight into what it takes to get on the road… and just how far we have to go.

Tour Update 1 (2007)

The great days of hustlin’ our wares from a basement.  Look how far we’ve come…