Noah Moore

Executive Director

Motivational Performer

Funky Diabetic, Instrument of the Now
All signs pointed to a career in circus:
   -Riding a pogo stick and/or unicycle to school.
   -A transition from team sports to Bboying and Skateboarding.
   -An alarming (for teachers) drive to entertain peers.
   -An addiction to spherical objects via Billiards, Pinball, and Pac-man.
   -An uncanny aptitude for useless skills.
   -A lifelong passion for adventure and adrenaline.

A Mere Mortal

Diabetes serves as a constant reminder of mortality and the importance of giving to a cause and community. After years of diabetes advocacy, Noah won DESA’s 2005 Athletic Achievement Award, and began using his circus performances as a way to relate motivational life lessons. Purpose is the cornerstone of what keeps Noah addicted to his audiences. Focusing on the present moment is what infuses his performances with inspiration. Noah has recently been instructing circus on the Big Island of Hawaii and performing with amazing artists in events for Cirque du Soleil, Teatro Zinzanni, Cirque Pacifica, and Terminal Circus.

The Terminal Circus Family

The Next Generation of TNT
Terminal Circus is the collaboration of Noah Moore and World Twirling Champion, Annetta Lucero. Her children are some of the most creative and entertaining kids on the planet and showcase the finest collection of talents that Noah has helped to impart to youth. Tiny genius cuties, but very old souls...