About Now

ince 2007, Tour Now & Then  has been traversing the globe to carry out their mission. TNT began with two brothers, Noah and Zan Moore, bringing free performances and workshops to diabetes camps across the Western United States. As donors and sponsorship increased, they adopted three additional crew members and an even more rigorous tour schedule to reach both U.S. coasts and Canada. Their professional performances transcended a solely diabetic demographic, and brought their messages to Diabetes Summer Camps, Hospitals, Arts Festivals, and Concrete Jungles. "Tour Now & Then" suggests the past, present, and future, as well as a certain sporadic nature. No matter what time it is, there's a good chance of a nearby tour stop on the horizon.

Mission: Empower through teaching and performance.

s the tour progresses through time and space, its' original members have gone on to further many incredible projects largely based in performance and education. The members of the core troupe have also undergone some changes, most notably a consolidation...

The Newest Show

Noah is traversing the globe empowering and entertaining.

Tour Snapshot

  • What We Offer

    Arts & Crafts, Circus Classes, Keynote Speeches, Motivational Performances, & Educational Workshops.
  • Where We Go

    Hospitals, Summer Camps, Festivals, Retirement Homes, Markets, Theaters, City Streets. If there is a venue and even a remotely willing audience, there will be a show.
  • How We Do It

    Based around messages that inspire any audience and transcend language, our show and presence is welcomed into venues that would normally not have a budget for outside entertainment and educaion.
  • Why We Love It

    We believe in the power of every individual, no matter what the circumstances, to be able to make beauty in their life if given the chance. Our audiences create magic moments for us through smiles and laughter, and it is our duty to continue making bonds solidified through this goodwill.